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It's the year 2021, the world has fallen into a cracked and broken remnant of what it used to be. The earth has turned to a dry desert and survival is unlikely. However, there is one last stronghold, one last encampment of humanity - one last compound!

You need to be the barrier between the monsters out there and the survivors in here. You need to save the human race.


This game is no where near finished and is still in alpha. It is a tower based defense game in which you can recruit humans to protect your outpost, upgrade weapons and defenses, buy new equipment and train your survivors.

Plzz don't expect much from it as of now, cheers.

Install instructions

Install instructions:

Installation is not required. Download the zip file and extract to a folder named 'Compound'. From there you simply double click 'main.exe' to launch the game.


CompoundAlpha1.2.rar 5 MB

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